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Hallway Runners

Hallway Runner Rugs feature the latest rug styles with a diverse selection of designs, colours, patterns and textures to complement any home.

Hallway runner rugs are designed to guide foot traffic down hallways to main kitchen and living area's while blending in with nearby furniture.

If the passage is likely to be a high traffic area, then choosing the correct hallway rug is important to ensure longevity and minimal wear and tear.

What is a Hallway Runner Rug and Why Do You Need One?

A hallway runner rug is a long, narrow rug that is typically used to cover the length of a hallway. They are made from a variety of materials, including wool runner rugs, which are a popular choice due to their durability and natural texture.

But why do you need a hallway runner rug in the first place? For starters, they can instantly elevate the look of your home's entrance. Hallways can often feel neglected and dull, but a beautiful runner rug can add color, warmth, and style.

In addition to aesthetics, a hallway runner rug also serves a functional purpose. It can protect your flooring from scratches and wear, particularly in high-traffic areas. It can also help reduce noise and echoes in hallways.

When choosing a hallway runner rug, consider the style of your home and the colors you want to incorporate. You can choose a bold pattern to make a statement or a neutral color to create a subtle look. A wool runner rug, like we mentioned earlier, is a great option if you want a durable and natural material.

Hallway Runner Rugs Materials

Hallway Runner Rugs are made from a range of natural and synthetic fibres; wool, jute, rayon, cotton, polypropylene, polyester. 

Rug Envy's Hallway Runner Rugs come in various styles; modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional, jute, bohemian, and coastal. Available in a range small, medium to large sizes.

Hallway Runner Rugs come in a range of styles, sizes and colours.

If you're struggling to find the right rug for your space, send us a message and one of our stylists would be happy to help choose the perfect hallway runner.

What size should my hallway runner rug be for a hallway?

Hall runner rugs are usually quite long, some more so than others. As a general rule of thumb hall runner rugs will travel from one doorway to another. These large modern hallway runners are also readily placed from the front entrance to the main living area.

First you should measure your hallway to determine the ideal size, then decide on an ideal rug style and colour to compliment your space.

If it's a high traffic area, consider a synthetic rug, they're also much easier to clean and great for allergies.

Benefits of Using a Hallway Runner Rug

There are several benefits to using a hallway runner rug, especially if you opt for a wool runner rug. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adding one to your home's entrance:

1. Protection: One of the main benefits of a hallway runner wool rug is that it helps protect your flooring from wear and tear. High traffic areas like hallways are more prone to scratches, scuffs, and other damage. A rug can act as a buffer between your shoes and the floor, preventing damage.

2. Comfort: A wool runner rug is also more comfortable to walk on than bare flooring. It provides a soft surface underfoot, which is especially beneficial if you have hardwood or tile floors that can be hard on your feet.

3. Aesthetics: Another advantage of using a hallway runner is that it adds a decorative element to your space. There are a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from, so you can easily find one that complements your existing decor.

4. Noise Reduction: A rug can also help reduce noise in your home. Hard flooring can be quite loud when you walk on it, but a rug absorbs some of that noise, making your home a little quieter overall.

5. Easy Maintenance: Hallway runner polypropylene rugs are generally easy to clean and maintain. These synthetic rugs are naturally resistant to stains and odours, so it's a great choice for a high-traffic area like a hallway. Simply vacuum or spot clean as needed to keep your rug looking fresh.

Overall, a hallway runner rug is a practical and stylish addition to any home's entrance. With the added benefits of a wool runner rug, you'll be sure to enjoy its comfort and durability for years to come.


Choosing the Right Carpet Runner For Kitchen

Carpet runner for kitchen


Looking to add both style and functionality to your kitchen? A carpet runner could be just what you need! 

These long, narrow rugs are perfect for adding warmth and comfort to your kitchen floor while also protecting it from spills and stains.

With a wide range of designs, colors, and materials available, you can easily find a carpet runner that matches your kitchen decor and suits your personal taste.

When choosing a carpet runner for your kitchen, consider factors like durability and ease of cleaning.

Opt for materials like nylon or polypropylene that are stain-resistant and easy to maintain, especially in high-traffic areas prone to spills and messes.

Additionally, look for a runner with a non-slip backing to ensure safety in a busy kitchen environment.

Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or a cozy traditional feel, a well-chosen carpet runner can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen while providing practical benefits for everyday use.

Explore our collection today to find the perfect carpet runner to elevate your kitchen space!