Here at Rug Envy, our team is passionate about all things Interior Design and of course... RUGS!

We pride ourselves on being able to share honest, first-hand rug styling advice to our valued customers in order to help them find the perfect rug for any space in their home.

'We don’t pull the wool over your eyes!'  

We noticed there was an ever growing demand for rugs online, as more people look for convenient ways to add style and comfort to their homes. What could be more convenient than having a rug delivered straight to your door with FREE shipping!

Rug Envy - 'To Be Envied, Not Envious.' :-)  

Our mission at Rug Envy is to continue providing Australian homes with leading rug designs, offering a range of rug materials, textures, patterns, colours, and sizes to suit a diverse range of interior styles and settings, at prices to suit all budgets.

We believe our customers should be able to get the style and look they desire at affordable prices, that don't compromise on quality or customer service.

Finally!... Your Rug Envy Ends Here!

All of our rugs have been carefully hand-selected and curated into inspiring collections to complement a range of traditional, modern and contemporary homes.