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Collection: Tribal Rugs

Tribal rugs are inspired by nomadic designs and culture. Nomadic and semi-nomadic people expressed traditional tribal symbols through the rugs they weaved in their villages.

Tribal Rug Features

Tribal rugs feature various patterns & geometric shapes and are known for their earthy colours and natural tones. Tribal rugs are known for their unique patterns and one of a kind designs.

Tribal rugs are a popular choice for modern homes or apartments and can add just the right amount of colour to bring everything together.

A piece of artwork or furniture can highlight a previously unnoticed hue within the tribal rug.

Tribal Rug Materials

Tribal rugs are made mostly from natural materials and fibres; wool, jute and cotton, and synthetic fibres; polypropylene, polyester.

Tribal rugs showcase styles with intricate weave detail, featuring table tufted raised patterning, and handwoven & hand braided styles that stand out among the rest.

Tribal rugs are available in a range of sizes to complement any room or settings in the home.