Size Guide

» When choosing a rug size we recommend measuring your room or space first.

» The dimensions of new or existing furniture can help you to determine which rug size and shape will work best.

» Balancing furniture on or around the rug will help to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Using a rug in your living room can help to define the area, anchor or balance furniture pieces, and add sense of cohesion to the space. 

When choosing a rug size for your dining table a general rule is to choose a size that is bigger than your table to allow space for all chairs. Allowing for extra space will not only give your dining room a balanced look, it will ensure chairs can be pulled out and pushed back under with ease.

A rug can be used to bring together a bedroom furniture setting, make a large disconnected room feel cosy, or even make a small room feel spacious.