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Oval Rugs

Add a natural element to your home with our eco-friendly Jute oval rugs. Choose from a range of natural, bright, and dark tones to suit many interior styles and settings. These oval rugs are skilfully hand-braided in India using strong jute fibers.
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Kai Terracotta Oval Jute RugKai Terracotta Oval Jute Rug
Kai Black Jute Oval RugKai Black Jute Oval Rug
Kai Yellow Jute Oval RugKai Yellow Jute Oval Rug
Kai Navy Jute Oval RugKai Navy Jute Oval Rug
Kai White Oval Jute RugKai White Oval Jute Rug
Kai Natural Jute Oval RugKai Natural Jute Oval Rug