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Genuine Cowhides 

These Genuine Brazilian Cowhides are ethically sourced and hand-selected to ensure each hide is of premium quality. Available in a range of natural colours with each hide being uniquely different. Cowhides bring a natural element of style into the home and can be easily integrated into many interior styles.
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Genuine Salt & Pepper Brown Brazilian CowhideGenuine Salt & Pepper Brown Brazilian Cowhide
Genuine Champagne Brazilian CowhideGenuine Champagne Brazilian Cowhide
Genuine Beige & White Brazilian CowhideGenuine Beige & White Brazilian Cowhide
Genuine Beige Brazilian CowhideGenuine Beige Brazilian Cowhide
Genuine Brown & White Brazilian CowhideGenuine Brown & White Brazilian Cowhide
Genuine Natural Brindle CowhideGenuine Natural Brindle Cowhide
Genuine Brown & White Hereford CowhideGenuine Brown & White Hereford Cowhide
Genuine Salt & Pepper Black Brazilian CowhideGenuine Salt & Pepper Black Brazilian Cowhide
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Genuine Black Tricolor Brazilian CowhideGenuine Black Tricolor Brazilian Cowhide
Genuine Black & White Brazilian CowhideGenuine Black & White Brazilian Cowhide
Genuine Dark Brindle Brazilian CowhideGenuine Dark Brindle Brazilian Cowhide
Genuine Black Brazilian CowhideGenuine Black Brazilian Cowhide